Katie (barefootmomma) wrote in winter05_babies,


Born at 5:13 am after four hours of labor, into my hands in water.

7 lbs 9 oz, 21 inches long.

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It was hard, but wonderful. I couldn't have had anything better. I'm a little sore, and I tore a tiny bit in the same place I tore last time, but it's nothing that even requires a stitch. She's already nursing beautifully and latched on 20 minutes after her birth.

I'll write up the full birth story in a bit.

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Wow congrats!!
4 hours of labor, that's awesome. :)
Congratulations! Good luck, aquariuses are a handful!
Luka was born into my hands in water and it was amazing.
Double congrats on having a good nurser! That's your prize for making it so many weeks!
Congratulations and great job, mama!
Congratulations, she's beautiful!
awww beautiful!!!

whats a water birth like?? Id be terrified... but then again i havent read much into it either.
It was wonderful. It was great to be supported by the warm water. I wouldn't choose to do it any other way.
hummmm. i bet that'd feel nice. was it a home birth?
Did you have a midwife present? do you have a birth story written up? if so id love to read it
Yes, I had a midwife with me. My birth story is in my journal. You can feel free to look it up and read it.
awesome. yeah i had a midwife too.. all natural.... amazing! :-D

imma go read yours